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Meeting Report

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Board Members of Middle East Society for Sexual Medicine (MESSM), I would like to extend our great appreciation and  warmest thanks to all who attended and helped the success of the 2nd Biennial Meeting of the MESSM. The meeting took place in the Park Hyatt Hotel, Dubai, U.A.E. from October 31 – November 2, 2013.

125 delegates from 20 countries attended the meeting, from Saudi Arabia (29), UAE (40), Egypt (16), Qatar (9), Lebanon (7), Bahrain (2) and Jordan(4), as well as guests and speakers from other areas (Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States of America). The attendees represented a variety of medical specialties including Andrologist, Urologists, Psychiatrists, Dermatologists, Gynecologists, and Endocrinologists who are interested in Sexual Medicine.

At the beginning, Dr. Amr El-Meliegy, the immediate past president of the MESSM, announced the beginning of the 2nd Biennial meeting of the MESSM. Dr. Chris McMahon; President of the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM); also welcomed the attendees and emphasized that ISSM strongly supports the Society which was very obvious by the presence of the 5 officers of the ISSM board in the meeting and their participation in the scientific program. Also dr. Abdulqadir Alzarooni President of EUS and Local Chairman of the meeting welcomed the attendees and wished them a successful meeting and a pleasant stay in Dubai.

After the MESSM business meeting/general assembly dr. Ahmed El-Sakka the current president of the MESSM congratulated the new board of directors for the term 2013-2015. Dr. El-Sakka also thanked very much the MESSM members, the efficient executive office and the immediate past president and the board of directors for their efforts, time and dedication that helped and supported the society very well. He encouraged everyone to participate in the activities of the society such as the website, the Newsletter, publications in the JSM and participating in the different committees and meeting activities of the MESSM.

The scientific program was thoroughly formulated by Drs. Hussein Ghanem – Egypt, Raouf Seyam - Saudi Arabia and members of the scientific committee. The scientific program included several important state of the art lectures, symposia, round tables, videos, podium, posters and others.

Drs. Sara Nasserzadeh – USA, Pierre Assalian – Canada and Rola Yasmine – Lebanon presented several talks in the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) session. In the Emirates Urology Society session Dr Iftikhar A. Jan – UAE presentedGender assignment issues & outcome of surgery in children with disorders of sex development, and Dr. Manaf Alhashimi – UAE presentedHormonal disorders in male sexual dysfunction. Dr. Ronald Virag presentedErectile dysfunction treatment: a lifetime journey and vision into the future and History and life of Lapeyronie. The Video session demonstrated tips and tricks of various surgical techniques. Revising the venous side of erection by Ronald Virag – France; Surgical repair of penile fracture By Ahmed Majzob – Qatar; Dot plication in the management of Peyronies disease by Tariq Hakki – USA; Penile prosthesis implantation in severe diffuse penile corporal fibrosis by Riadh Alzubadi – Qatar; Transient distal penile corporoglanular shunt as an adjunct to aspiration and irrigation procedures in the treatment of early ischemic priapism by Onder Canguven – Qatar ; Circumferential Peyronie's patch excision with semirigid penile prosthesis placement by Tariq Hakki – USA.

In the Androgen replacement therapy in problematic clinical situations session speakers presented Prostate cancer & LUTS by Danny Rabah - Saudi Arabia and Infertility by Amr El-Meliegy - Saudi Arabia. In Penile prosthesis implantation in challenging cases session Wayne Hellstrom - USA presented Salvage implantation for infection - Urinary diversion, posturethroplasty, Tariq Hakki – USA presented Penile prosthesis implantation in patients with penile fibrosis: difficulties and outcome;  and Chris McMahon – Australia presented Post-ejaculatory illness syndrome Lifetime premature ejaculation Hematospermia in Challenging ejaculatory & orgasmic disorders session. In ISSM symposium several talks were presented; Medical treatment of Peyronie's disease - Can we "mend the bend"...? by Chris McMahon – Australia; The link between ED and cardiovascular diseases by Luiz Otavio Torres – Brazil; Impact of BPH surgery on sexual function by Edgardo Becher – Argentina; The Link between male hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction by Wayne Hellstrom – USA. In the Priapism and Peyronie’s disease session Abdulaziz Baazeem - Saudi Arabia presented Penile curvature: When to operate? and Ahmed El-Sakka – Egypt presented Priapism: Current management. Aksam Yassin – Germany presented in the Round Table session PDE-5 inhibitors - Where do we stand in 2013, and Amr El-Meliegy - Saudi Arabia presented Cialis once a day, what's beyond ED. In the Egyptian Society of Andrology session Drs Samy Hanafy, Ashraf Hassan, Tarek Anis presented several talks on the subjectsof Sexual dysfunction in pregnant female, Endocrine disruptors and Metabolic syndrome.

In the unsatisfied penile prosthesis patient session, why and how to manage? Dr. Said Kattan - Saudi Arabia presented Why? and Dr. Abdel Rahman Zahran – Egypt presented How to manage? and Dr.Raouf Seyam - Saudi Arabia Presented New developments in ED clinical research.

Throughout the presentations in the MESSM meeting the attendees shared their opinions, studies and knowledge during the discussion of the various issues of sexual medicine which added a true scientific value to the meeting and elaborated the importance of such meetings.

The social program was fascinating where all the participants enjoyed the beautiful sight-seeing in Dubai, specially the view of the Burj Khalifa and the entrancing performance of light, music and water of the "Fountain Dancer".

At the closing ceremony of the 2nd Biennial Meeting of MESSM on the 2nd of November Dr. Ahmed El-Sakka, President of the MESSM, emphasized that all MESSM members are invited and strongly encouraged to participate and have a role in the society to help make this society a success. He also hopes that the coming 2 years will carry a lot of good news for patients in the region and be full of achievements to the MESSM.

Ahmed El-Sakka, MD
President MESSM