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Meeting Report

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Board Members of Middle East Society of Sexual Medicine (MESSM), I would like to extend our warmest thanks to all who attended and helped the success of the 1st Biennial Meeting of the Middle East Society of Sexual Medicine. The meeting took place in Sofitel Jumeriah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, Dubai, U.A.E. from 3 – 5 March, 2011. The venue was located in Dubai Marina, by the beach where you could enjoy the marvelous view and weather.

184 delegates from 16 countries attended the meeting, from Saudi Arabia (64), UAE (42), Egypt (27), Qatar (15), Lebanon (7), Kuwait (7), Bahrain (6) and Jordan(3), as well as guests and speakers from other areas (Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States of America. The attendees represented a variety of medical specialities including Andrologist, Urologists, Psychiatrists, Dermatologists, Gynecologists, Primary care physicians and Endocrinologists who are interested in sexual medicine.

At the beginning, Dr Amr El-Meliegy, MESSM President, announced the inauguration of the Middle East Society of Sexual Medicine and the beginning of the 1st Biennial meeting of MESSM. He stated that the main aim of MESSM is to encourage all medical professionals who are interested in sexual medicine to gather and share their knowledge and expertise in order to reach the highest levels of practice and scientific research in Middle East. Dr Edgardo Becher; President of the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM); also welcomed the attendees and emphasized that ISSM strongly supports the Society which was very obvious by the presence of the 5 officers of ISSM board in the meeting and their participation in the scientific program.

The scientific program presented a tray of male and female sexual health and dysfunction presentations. Dr El-Sakka (Saudi Arabia) presented a global idea about these problems in the Middle East area in his presentation "Sexual function and dysfunction in the Middle East: Current status and new horizon", while Dr Azza Al-Tarahony (UAE) and Dr Elham Attallah (Bahrain) focused on the magnitude of sexual problems in their local areas; "Sexual health in United Arab Emirates" and "Addressing patient's sexual problems in primary care setting in Bahrain". In addition, the medications for sexual dysfunction were thoroughly discussed in the meeting by Dr Aksam Yassin (Germany), Dr Farid Saad (Germany) and Dr Wayne Hellstrom (USA) as well as the role of sex therapy in such cases by Dr Pierre Assalian (Canada).

Testosterone deficiency and late onset hypogonadism had a big share in the scientific program with more than 4 presentations discussing most aspects of the problem starting from aetiology, pathogenesis, relation with metabolic syndrome and management by Dr Michael Zitzmann (Germany), Vipan Bhatia (UAE), Michel Jabbour (Lebanon), and John Dean (UK). Dr Luca Incrocci (Netherlands) also gave a very informative presentation about male cancer and sexual dysfunction.

The interventional and surgical management in Andrology was not missed in the meeting with various presentations discussing the management of peyronie's disease (Dr Wayne Hellstrom) and stuttering priapism (Dr Tarek Anis, Egypt) as well as penile rehabilitation following radical prostatectomy (Dr Edgardo Becher, Argentina). A very interesting study by Dr Ahmed Shamsodini (Qatar) showed the local experience of penile prosthesis implantation in Qatar and the progress that was made in such operation through-out the previous years. Another study by Dr AbdelRahman Zahran (Egypt) raised the debate about the effectiveness of simultaneous treatment of erectile dysfunction and LUTS.

Ejaculation and ejaculatory disorders were also addressed in the meeting with two presentations by Dr Chris McMahon (Australia) and Dr Raouf Seyam (Saudi Arabia).

A whole session was dedicated to the female sexual dysfunction which was presented by Dr Mona Reda (Egypt) and Dr Sandrine Atallah (Lebanon) who shared with the audience there experience regarding the magnitude of the problem in Middle East and how to approach and manage it as well as the role of the couple in such problems. A whole presentation by Dr Amany Shaltout (Saudi Arabia) was focused on vaginismus causes and how to manage.

Through out the presentations in the MESSM meeting the attendees shared their opinions, studies and knowledge during the discussion of the various issues of sexual medicine which added a true scientific value to the meeting and elaborated the importance of such meetings.

The social program was fascinating where all the participants enjoyed the beautiful sight-seeing in Dubai, specially the huge "Palm" project and Atlantis hotel as well as the view of the Burj Khalifa and the entrancing performance of light, music and water of the "Fountain Dancer".

MESSM meeting came to an end on the 5th of March when Dr Amr El-Meliegy, President of MESSM, announced the call for committees which will facilitate the job of MESSM and emphasized that all MESSM members are invited and strongly encouraged to participate and have a role in the society to help make this society a success.

Mohamed Arafa
MESSM Board Director
Amr Gadallah
MESSM Board Director