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1520 AB Wormerveer
The Netherlands

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Communication Committee

1. Website editor
2. MESSM newsletter
3. Educational calendar
4. Facebook page

Development Committee

  1. Help recruiting as many members to the society.
  2. To be responsible for communication and collaboration with community stakeholders, sociologists, health authorities who are interested to support the sexual medicine field. 

Financial Committee

It is the duty of the Finance Committee to monitor the financial affairs of the society and to report its findings to the Board of Directors.

Prize Committee

  1. Reward for the best published paper from our region in JSM during the year.
  2. Selecting the best research for oral and poster presentation in the biennial meeting.
  3. Selecting the best full text paper submitted for contest in the biennial meeting.

Public Awareness Committee

This will be a committee responsible for creating the material needed in addressing the public for raising awareness whether to be put on the website and or for publications.

Scholarships and Rewards Committee

  1. Finding ways to support educating young physicians.
  2. Selecting applications for research and educational grants.

Scientific Committee

  1. Represent the interests of the society in all matters pertaining to the scientific sessions of the society.
  2. Ensure that the scientific quality of the meeting is maintained by consideration of the format of the meeting, the facilities and by majority approval of all the abstracts and invited speakers.
  3. Prepare the lectures for the educational symposia.